Geocache Your Way to Relaxation

Geocache Your Way to Relaxation

Geocache Your Way to Relaxation

Treasure maps and X marks the spot has always conjured up notions of pirates, adventures and the feeling of knowing something others don’t. In our day to day life we are unlikely to stumble across a horde of long forgotten treasures but that doesn’t meant that the opportunity to uncover hidden secrets known only to a select few doesn’t exist. Geocaching has been on the go for some time now but this accessibly adventurous pastime been steadily gaining in popularity for the last few years now. It requires very little equipment and can be done practically anywhere in the world, making it the perfect travel adventure if not a reason to go travelling in the first place!

Wait, what is Geocaching?

A very good question! Geocaching is the act of finding hidden caches. a Cache can be anything from an ice cream tub, to camouflaged bike locks to teeny tiny nano caches that you won’t believe can actually fit anything in them. Caches will have a log book in them so you can note the date you found them and your initials or geocaching alias. Larger caches often have small items in them with the idea that you take an item and leave and something new of equal or more value that the thing you took.


How do you find these Geocaches?

You can locate geocaches through GPS signals, once upon time geocaching required a dedicated GPS device, which not everyone was going to have handy in their back pocket, but thanks to the advent of smart phones the majority of us literally do now have a GPS device in our back pocket. Pretty much all smart phones are now capable of finding GPS points. The most used geocaching website is the suitably titled, you can sign up for a free membership, download the free app and start searching for geocaches near you. The GPS cordite will help guide you to each caches secret location but many of them will also include clues that will help you pinpoint where to look. Remember to be subtle about finding your geocaches though! Those not in the geocaching know are often referred to as muggles; don’t let them spot you retrieving or returning a cache!


Where will I find Geocaches?

There are over 3 million geocaches currently active in the world so wherever you are in the world, chances are you will be able to find one wherever your travels take you. If you want to make geocaching a feature of your holiday then look for Geotours. These are areas and routes that have purposely been stocked with geocaches for intrepid adventurers just like you to find. Examples include a tour of the scenic 101 highway on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state and a 20 cache tour that helps you explore the Royal Deeside Area. Geo caching is pretty much free so is the perfect way to seven holiday actiites, if you are also looking for ways to save when it comes to finding a place to stay during your geocaching adventure then I’ve found some excellent deals at Groupon that you will want to check out.

So what are you waiting for? Download the app of your choice, make like a pirate and start discovering hidden treasures all over the world.

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